'Hire dedicated developer' model from CodeRangers to avert outsourcing worries

Hiring an off-shore software developer has always been a tough call for outsourcing companies situated in the west. The west has remained a little skeptical and clouded by uncertainties related to the output quality, deadlines and communication gaps pertaining to off-shore development companies. Many off-shore companies which are successful today have overcome these challenges by recruiting individuals with great technical and communications skills.

Fixed price hiring renders a software development team to wrap up a project within the specified budget and during development it so happens that the outsourcing companies often come up with changes that requires developers to overwork. At times when the changes are huge or, if the price is too thin, developers pressured to meet deadlines, complete a project while compromising on quality. This leads to development of a poor application and enraged clients in the end.

Hiring a dedicated development team-the optimal solution

The process of hiring a dedicated team is simple and highly beneficial to both the parties. Let's go through the steps of hiring a dedicated developer and its associated advantages.

Browse through relevant resumes- Get relevant resumes from the offshore Development Company and select appropriate candidates according to your project goals and complexities. This helps you to filter out unnecessary developers from your team, making it cost effective and manageable as compared to the fixed cost model.

Free trial for one day or interview for 30 mins-To develop or extend your faith the dedicated team can program/code a project given by you as a trial. You can also choose to interview your team and test their technical knowledge. The free trial/interview gives you the advantage to fine tune your development team. You can also swap developers during the process if you feel so.

Signing a contract and initiation – Most of the dedicated developers would require an outsourcing company to sign a contract guaranteeing a minimum period of work. At CodeRangers, we require a minimum of 40 hours of development work. This affirms commitment from the outsourcing company leading to better development quality by the off-shore company. After the contract is done, developers immediately initiate your project.

Unlike fixed cost hiring, dedicated model allows you to expand your project scale in future along with the freedom to add more developers to your team. An efficient dedicated team is highly cost effective and meets your project objective in the end.