Cost, quality and flexibility. Dedicated hire developer model provides all!

Bangladesh has remained a preferred outsourcing destination in software and IT related services. With time even small and medium software development companies have strengthened their physical infrastructure and leveraged on relational marketing for long term association with their clients overseas. The major advantage provided by these companies is their flexible hiring schemes.  Although many developers outsource work based at a fixed rate as well but the benefits of flexible time-material based hiring schemes are highly beneficial. Let us browse through the advantages


Clients should focus on obtaining cost effective solutions rather than cost accommodative solutions. Bangladeshi developers who provide dedicated 'hire developer' model for development also allows the fixed cost model for particular projects. However it must be noted that hidden challenges with software development might occasionally require extra time to create a worthy application. This is a genuine problem and almost every development company faces it. It is thus advisable to go for dedicated hire resources for putting extra hours into development whenever needed.

Hiring dedicated developers from off-shore countries can also save you upto 60% on development cost and reduce the project lead time by 40%. In addition to that, clients can also save HRMS cost, administrative cost, infrastructure cost, accounting cost, legal cost along with zero employer liabilities.


Almost every offshore software development company provides you the benefit to handpick your dedicated hire team. You can create an optimum blend of experienced software engineers, designers and consultants that matches your needs as well as your budget. Off shore software developers can also guarantee scalability of the development team as per project work load and accommodate ongoing changes and effectively manage changing project requirements. Hiring dedicated developers also allows you to instantly hire and relieve human resources as per your project requirement

Additional benefits

Hiring an off shore software development company especially from Bangladesh have other associated advantages. For example, Bangladeshi developers are highly approachable and possess excellent communications skills. Bangladeshi developers are generally bestowed with street smart programming and coding skills leading to creative solutions that make significant impact in the end of a project.

Process of hiring dedicated developers 

Hiring and creating your dedicated team is really easy.

  • We will provide you CVs of relevant developers from which you can select and create your team
  • You can run a free trial on a pilot project for one day. Some off-shore companies would allow you to interview your selected team and followed by signing a contract specifying the minimum hours of work.
  • After all the formalities of the contract are met your project is initiated.

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